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Violet Bath

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Violet Floral Infusion composed of effervescent mallow's and violet's powder, scented violet's candy colours your bath with a gradient of pastel and violet ( 90% natural dye from plants )

 WITH :  2 tea bags of cocoa butter and violet candies to make your skin so soft (add in bath)

WITH : 2 tea bags of mallow and violet flowers to relax your muscles (add in bath)


Pour in your bath, with the spoon, desired quantity of powder and add together or separately if you wish tea bags contents.

Breathe and enjoy of this soothing moment !



* Infusion in kraft tube = 17,7 oz / 500g for 8 baths minimum


 * Infusion in kraft bag (recharge) = 28,8 oz / 800g for 12 baths minimum



Effervescent powder : 

sodium bicarbonate, zea mays*, malva officials flower powder*, acid citric, viola officinalis flower powder*, malva officinalis viola officinalis flower oil*, parfum, genia americana fruit extract*, beta vulgaris root powder*, CI 77742

Tea bags : 

malva and violet flowers

candies : theobroma cacao fruit butter*, malva officials flower powder*, parfum

+ 1 bamboo spoon recyclable

organics ingredients

Wash your body and after use
Keeps 8 months after opening