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Floral Soothing Scrub

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Shower powder date seeds powder, moroccan clay and jasmine powder is exfoliating and cleaning, releases a gel scrub texture slightly foaming on water's contact and leaves the skin soft and clean. 

 After shower, skin is soft and purified. You can apply galet floral (solid cream) suitable for your skin type or your usual care.

---> Date seeds powder organic from France : exfoliates dead skin, soothes skin irritations, softening, purifying, anti age

---> Moroccan clay organic from Morocco : detoxifies skin, exfoliates dead skin cells, deeply cleanses pores and purifies the skin, regulates sebum, soothes skin irritations


This product not contain aroma or perfume, you can add the one of your choice.



3 possible modes of use :

1) Getting wet and take a little powder in the palm of hand, rub and apply on face/body by making circular movements. Rinse with clear water.

2) Getting wet and take a little powder in the palm of hand, add water and lather between hands before apply on face/body by making circular movements.  Rinse with clear water.

3) Adapted to DIY cosmetic : pour desired quantity in a bowl (no metal), mix until forms a creamy paste. Apply on skin by making circular movements. Rinse with clear water.

Face/body only

Sale in : 

1,8 oz / 50g tube   ;   3,6 oz / 100g tube  ;   5,3 oz / 150g tube = 40 showers  ;  
7,1 oz / 250g recharge with mini PET tube for everyday shower (ideal for travel)




moroccan clay*, date kernel powder*, solum fullonum*, zea mays starch*, water, saponaria officinalis root*, xanthan gum*

* organic ingredients
Keeps 12 months after opening